The provisions of these Rules of Participation are binding for all persons (hereinafter: “Visitor”) at the venues (and designated car parks) during the entire duration of the International Air Show and Military Display 2021 (hereinafter: Event), organized by the Hungarian Defence Forces at the 59th Szentgyörgyi Dezső Air Base of the Hungarian Defence Forces (6000 Kecskemét, Reptéri út 4).

I. General provisions

  1. The Hungarian Defence Forces is committed to the safe implementation, providing and maintaining order, observance and enforcement of Hungarian laws, safety of life, property and legal security of the Event to be held in the area of the 59th Szentgyörgyi Dezső Air Base of the Hungarian Defence Forces (hereinafter: the Event Venue). It is committed to compliance with law-abiding behaviour as well, in order to ensure a high level of safety and comfort for Visitors.
  2. The Event is implemented by the Hungarian Defence Forces, the Hungarian Police, the National Ambulance Service, the National Directorate General for Disaster Management and other organizations (hereinafter: the Organisers).

3. In respect of the use, judgment and interpretation of the words, expressions, and concepts contained in the Rules of Participation their generally accepted meanings, the legislation, and the practice of the Hungarian court are relevant.

II. Rules for the use of designated car parks

  1. Visitors to the Event Venue, except for invited guests, are only allowed to enter the Event Venue on foot. Vehicles shall be parked in designated car parks. Visitors will be transported between the designated car parks and the Event Venue and back by the free shuttle bus service provided by the Organisers. Direct public transport is also available for Visitors.
  2. In the area of the designated parking lots the rules of the road and the instructions of the organizing staff members assisting parking must be observed, the maximum allowed speed is 10 kilometres per hour.
  3. The area of the car parks is private property. Vehicles that obstruct or endanger the free movement of passengers and motor vehicles in the area of the car parks may be moved by the staff members, or removed at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.
  4. Smoking (cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, or pipes) is allowed in the car park area only in the designated places indicated by signs. Any use of open flame is prohibited in the parking lots. It is strictly forbidden to bring any flammable materials or gas cylinders into the car parks.
  5. The Hungarian Defence Forces shall not be liable for any vehicles parked in the designated car parks or for the valuables left in them. A person using the car park is obliged to report the damage caused in another vehicle or in the technical equipment of the car park by them to the staff members immediately, and to compensate the damage caused.

III. Rules for entering the Event Venue

  1. Visitors can enter the Event Venue either holding a valid ticket purchased in advance, or with another certificate entitling them to enter. A ticket entitles its holder to a single entry to the Event on the day of its validity.

The Event will be implemented in compliance with the epidemiological regulations in force.

Admission to the event is subject to a valid Coronavirus immunity card or a vaccination certificate issued by a medical doctor, which must be presented at entry.

The state of health of children under the age of 18 is the responsibility of their parent.

  1. Compliance with the applicable public health and epidemiological rules is mandatory throughout the Event.
  2. The service members of the Hungarian Defence Forces and the Hungarian Police are entitled to verify the identity of Visitors upon entering the venue of the Event, and to inspect their clothing and luggage, in which the Visitor is obliged to cooperate. The inspection and control must not violate the visitor's privacy rights.
  3. Children under the age of eighteen may enter and be present at the Event Venue only if accompanied by a person of legal age, and capable of acting. Children under the age of ten can attend the Event free of charge, and are required to wear a sticker on their clothing provided at the time of entry, with their name and the telephone number of their companion.
  4. Anyone shall be refused to enter the venue of the Event who arrives intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or other intoxicating substances, or has on them firearms, ammunition, explosives, stabbing or cutting devices, alcohol, drugs, or other objects posing a threat to public safety, the order and security of the Event. If the person has already entered the venue of the Event, they will be removed from the premises.
  5. To the venue of the Event, it is forbidden to bring any alcoholic beverages, drugs, or objects that, pursuant to legislation, are considered a symbol of authoritarianism or contain such an emblem.
  6. A handbag (travel or sports bag, backpack, laptop bag, camera bag, cooler bag) is allowed at the Event Venue. However, coolers with a capacity of more than 25 litres, umbrellas, parasols/beach umbrellas, chairs and bicycles, electric scooters, Segway scooters (and other similar devices) are not allowed. Reasonable quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and food purchased outside the Event Venue may be brought to the Event to meet personal needs.
  7. Dogs and other pets are not allowed at the venue of the Event – with the only exception of assistance dogs and guide dogs as specified by law.
  8. It is forbidden to bring any Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) and laser pointing devices to the Event Venue. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) are not allowed in the Event or carparks. Laser pointing devices are not permitted to operate in the Event or Parking areas.

IV. Rules for visiting the Event Venue

  1. Visitors note that the venue of the Event, as an air base, is considered a hazardous place where they are at their own risk, and that certain programs and venues of the Event are inaccessible for persons with certain disabilities. Accordingly, the Hungarian Defence Forces, with the exception of damage caused by it intentionally or through gross negligence, shall not be liable for any damage to the persons or properties of Visitors.
  2. Visitors are entitled to view the Event from the sector reserved and designated for them. Access to areas that are cordoned off, restricted, or closed to Visitors is prohibited! Going behind the cordons enclosing the exhibited devices and objects is strictly forbidden and dangerous!
  3. Lack of knowledge of military equipment can cause an accident, therefore Visitors must follow the instructions of the organising staff members on site.
  4. Should Visitors experience injury or sickness themselves or in their surroundings, they are kindly requested to notify the staff members. The staff members will take care of the notification of the medical personnel providing health support and treatment for the injured/sick.
  5. Littering at the Event Venue is forbidden. Garbage must be disposed in a waste container corresponding to the type of waste.
  6. The staff members may check the admission ticket, other proof and compliance with these Rules of Participation for the entire duration of the Event.
  7. It is forbidden to conduct any economic, commercial, or advertising activity at the Event Venue without the prior written permission of the Organiser.
  8. Smoking (cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, or pipes) is allowed at the Event Venue only in the designated place marked with signs. The use of open flame is prohibited throughout the Event. It is strictly forbidden to bring any flammable material or gas cylinders to the venue of the Event.
  9. Visitors are obliged to leave the venue of the Event immediately when the Event is over, or at the request of the Organisers issued due to a situation endangering the safety of persons and property.
  10. Visitors must not engage in any activity that may distract or disrupt the Event, damage or endanger the physical integrity and property of other Visitors or participants at the Event. Damage resulting from a breach of this obligation shall be the responsibility of the person who caused it or, in the case of several violators, each of those involved.
  11. Since the purpose of the Event is to provide civilised, cultured, and undisturbed entertainment for Visitors, any demonstration at the Event that is unrelated to the event arranged by the Organiser, regardless of the number of participants, is prohibited. The Organiser is entitled to put an end to the explicitly unauthorized demonstration without giving reasons, and the participants are obliged to leave the venue of the Event immediately at the call of the staff members.

V. Rules for producing images and sound recordings

  1. Photographs, audio and video recordings for private use can be produced at the event. The use of recordings and images for commercial purposes and/or for media activities requires a permission. Compliance with the legal provisions relating to the person and the protection of personal data in connection with the making and use of the recording is the responsibility of the person making and managing the recording.
  2. Visitors note that the Organisers, as well as their contractual partners, contributors, media workers (in accordance with the provisions of a separate contract applicable to them), other Visitors and other third parties may produce audio and video recordings of the Event. Accordingly, by participating in the Event, Visitors expressly consent to the recording and communication of their face, appearance, manifestations, but they can be named only with their explicit consent. If a Visitor qualifies as a public figure, he/she may be named without his/her consent.
  3. The creators of the above-mentioned images will have unlimited, transferable, and exclusive rights of use with regard to the Visitor in terms of space, time and mode of use. The Organiser and the persons authorized by the Organiser have the right to utilize, use (especially for the promotion of the Event), reproduce, publish, rework, publicise, transmit to public, and distribute the display without any restrictions or compensation to the Visitor.
  4. The Visitors note in particular that the Organiser may record the Event or the programs and performances thereof, and the recordings may be reproduced, distributed, broadcast or otherwise transmitted and retransmitted to the audience, including cases when the Event or programs are made available to the public by cable or any other means (such as YouTube) allowing the members of the public to individually choose the place and time of access.
  5. With regard to the images described above, no Visitor is entitled to make any claim, request, or referral against the Organiser.
  6. During the Event, the Hungarian Defence Forces will monitor the venue of the Event with surveillance cameras for the personal and property safety of Visitors and participants of the Event, and will make recordings pursuant to the legal provisions on the personality rights and personal data protection. The Hungarian Defence Forces will not disclose the recorded data or pass it on to third parties, except to the Police and other authorities if it is necessary for initiating and conducting infringement, criminal, or other proceedings. These recordings will be destroyed 30 days after the event.

VI. Rules for evacuation

  1. Visitors are kindly requested to keep their tickets for the entire duration of the Event and to note the colour markings of the shuttle bus taken between the car park and the venue of the Event.
  2. If the Organisers order the evacuation of the Event Venue, Visitors are requested to remain calm, leave the dangerous area, and take their minor relatives by the hand.
  3. In the case of an evacuation, Visitors should take their valuables with them, follow the instructions of the staff members, follow the Escape Route signs, and with their families proceed to the nearest exit.
  4. At the exit of the event, Visitors are to tell the staff members the colour marking of the previously used shuttle bus or the fact that they have lost contact with their relatives. The staff members will do their best to re-unite Visitors with their relatives and get them to the right place for going home.

VII. Other provisions

  1. By purchasing a ticket or entering the car park Visitors note the provisions of these Rules of Participation. Visitors at the venue of the Event are obliged to fully comply with the provisions of these Rules of Participation and the instructions of the staff members.
  2. The Hungarian Defence Forces will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any valuables left unattended at the venue of the Event or held by Visitors.
  3. Visitors shall note that the Event may be affected by the weather and that the Hungarian Defence Forces reserves the right to change or modify the program.
  4. If the Event is cancelled (does not start or must be stopped at any stage) for reasons that cannot be remedied by the Organisers, (force majeure), the Hungarian Defence Forces shall not be required to refund or compensate the ticket prices, or pay on other grounds. In particular, but not exclusively, compulsory evacuation ordered by a public authority, extreme weather conditions endangering life, physical integrity, or property security, bomb alert, other criminal offenses committed by a third party, endangering life, physical integrity or security of property, or an accident that may occur during air shows shall be considered an unavoidable external cause.

The Hungarian Defence Forces would like to thank Visitors for their cooperation and wishes them all to have a great time!

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