When and where will the event take place?

The International Air Show and Military Display will take place in Kecskemét, at the venues of the HDF 59th Szentgyörgyi Dezső Air Base on 28th and 29th August 2021 (Kecskemét, Reptéri út4., GPS coordinates: 46.918905772141734, 19.74740449605466). The same schedule and the same programs await the visitors on both days of the event. Gates open at 07.00 and the event lasts until 18.00 hrs.


Name transfer requests will only be accepted online during the event.


Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets for the event can only be purchased in advance, online on this link. Please note that the tickets are registered to the purchaser, and it is only possible to transfer the purchased tickets to another person after its re-registration on this link.

Although children under 10 years of age can attend the event free of charge, the registration and purchase of a HUF 0 children's ticket for them will be mandatory. The number of daily visitors to the event is limited, therefore tickets can only be purchased while stocks last, but no later than by 22nd August 2021.


Will the event take place in bad weather?

The event will be held in case of bad weather too, however, weather conditions may affect the program. In case of extreme weather, the organisers reserve the right to make changes.


What time will the programs be held during the day?

On 28th and 29th August, visitors are provided with programs from 10:00 hours to18:00 hours. However, since a large number of visitors is expected, the gates and carparks will open at 07:00 hours in order to avoid the tumult and to ensure that no one misses the spectacular shows.


Can the announced program change?

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the program at the event.


From what age can the event be attended?

There is no age limit at the event, the admittance is free for children under 10, but a free children's ticket is to be purchased, and an official document with picture is required to verify identity. Persons under the age of 18 may only attend the event in the company of adults.

Those arriving with young children are kindly reminded of the fact that the air show will involve a significant sound effect, and that the distance between the venues of different individual program elements at the air base will be significant.


For which age group is the event free of charge?

Children under the age of 10 can attend the event free of charge, however, purchasing a free children's ticket for them is mandatory.


What documents are required for entering the air base?

At entry, it is mandatory to present an official document with picture (for children under 10 years of age as well) to verify identity. Visitors over 18 are requested to present their Coronavirus immunity card as well. For unhindered and fast entry, you are kindly requested to have these documents and your tickets ready at the entrance.


Will there be a child minding facility on the premises of the Air Show?

There will be no place designated for child minding at the event, however, in addition to the security guards, our staff members will also be available to the visitors throughout the day. There will be designated information desks at the venue, the exact locations of which can be seen onthe following link: Map


Will there be a designated smoking area?

At the Air Show the location of designated smoking areas will be marked by signs at the venue.


Is the event pet-friendly?

Safety rules do not allow visitors to bring an animal into the area of the Air Show, with the only exception of guide dogs. More information about the rules of participation is available on the following link: Rules


What is allowed and what is forbidden to be brought to the venues?

The visitors and participants of the Air Show will have access to the catering units established specifically for the event. The exact locations of these facilities can be seen on the following link: Rules of participation


Will there be an opportunity to buy food and drink on site?

The visitors and participants of the Air Show will have access to the catering units established specifically for the event. The exact locations of these facilities can be seen on the following link: Map


I have food allergy. Will I be able to buy special meals?

At the Air Show there will be no special catering unit for people with food allergy, but depending on your specific needs, inquire at the canteens on the spot, the exact locations of which can be found on the map accessible on the link below: Map


Is alcohol consumption allowed at the venue of the Air Show?

It is forbidden to consume alcohol at the event, and it is also forbidden to bring any alcoholic beverages into the area of the Air Show.


Will I have a chance to buy a ticket at the venue?

There will be no on-site ticket sales. It is possible to buy tickets in advance while stocks last, but no later than 26th August 2021. For buying tickets go to this link.


Will it be possible to pay in cash/by card?

Both cash and bankcards can be used for paying for services at the Air Show, however, due to the epidemiological situation, contactless payment options are recommended.


Will there be an ATM on site?

There is no ATM cash withdrawal opportunity in the event area.


Will it be possible to exchange money at the event venue?

The prices, and fees of the services available at the Air Show will be in HUF and include VAT.

There is no opportunity to exchange cash on site, however, when making a card purchase, all major bankcards, regardless of their currency, are accepted by the service providers.


Will it be possible to buy a VIP ticket?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a VIP ticket. These types of tickets will only be available to visitors officially invited to the event.


Will it be possible to store bicycles or motorcycles?

Bicycle or motorbike storage will be available in the designated car parks, the locations of which can be found on the map below: Map


Will there be a first aid station at the event?

There will be a first aid point at the Air Show, its exact location can be found on the map below: Map


Will there be a gift shop at the venue of the Air Show?

You will be able to buy gifts at the event, the locations of the shops can be found on the map below: Map


Where can I take any items found?

They can be taken to the designated information points, whose exact location can be found on the map below: Map


Who can I turn to if I lost something?

In order to report lost persons or lost items, please contact the designated information points, whose exact location can be found on the map below: Map


If I have any problems, who can I request help from?

Assistance can be requested from the staff of information points whose exact location can be found on the map below: Map


Will a baby changing station be available at the Air Show?

At the premises of the event a baby changing station will be designated for each sector. Their location can be found on the map below: Map


Can I use my mobile phone during the event?

There will be no restriction on phone use at the Air Show.


Will it be possible to connect to an external power source?

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to connect to any external power source at the Air Show.


Will Wi-Fi access be provided in the event area?

Internet access will be available exclusively for media workers and organizers at the event venue.


Can I take photos and videos of the event?

Photographs, audio and video recordings can be taken at the event for private use. However, not all details of certain exhibited devices can be recorded, information on them will be provided by the organizers on site. Taking photos or making video recordings for business purposes or for media activities will require a permission. Media workers can register for the event on the website.


Will there be a recording of the participants and visitors of the Air Show?

Participants and visitors accept that audio and video recordings of the event will be made. Accordingly, by participating in the event, visitors will explicitly consent to the recording and publication of their faces, appearances, and actions, however, they may be named only with their explicit consent. If a visitor qualifies as a public figure, he or she may be named without his or her consent.


Is it possible to camp in or around the area or at the air base?

Camping is prohibited at the entire venue of the Air Show. Information on the accommodation options is available on the relevant websites.


Can a fire be lit in the venues of the Air Show?

Fire is strictly forbidden at the entire venue of the event!


Will it be possible to try military equipment?

Some of the modern military equipment can only be viewed from the outside, but there will be several vehicles at the Air Show that visitors can sit in. In addition, during the dynamic displays, numerous exhibited devices can be viewed in action.


Will I need a Coronavirus immunity card?

The current COVID legislation applies to the event, according to which the Air Show can only be visited with a document certifying vaccination.

View Covid information!


Will it be necessary to wear a face mask at the event venue?

The current epidemiological rules apply at the event.

View Covid information


I don't have a Coronavirus immunity card. Can I enter the Air Show with a negative PCR test?

In accordance with current epidemiological rules, admission to the event is subject to having a certificate of immunisation, which cannot be replaced with a negative PCR test.


What happens if I am unable to visit the Air Show? Is the ticket refundable?

The ticket cannot be refunded, but can be transferred to another person after an ownership transfer. The fee for the ownership transfer is HUF 1,500, and it can be arranged on this site, once per ticket. No ownership transfer request will be accepted in 72 hours prior to the beginning of the Air Show.


I would like to do vending at the Air Show. Who do I contact?

All sales outlets have been booked at the venue of the event therefore no applications of vendors can be accepted.


Where can I park my car?

In the vicinity of the event, there will be four free parking spaces for thousands of vehicles, from which a free shuttle bus service will be provided to the air base. For the disabled, parking space will be provided next to the main entrance of the air base (Gate 1).



Will the Air Show be accessible for disabled persons?

Unfortunately, due to the features of the air base, there will also be exhibitors’ stands on the grassy areas, which are inaccessible for the disabled. However, for visitors with reduced mobility, parking at the main entrance of the airport (Gate 1) will be provided.


Will there be a refreshment point on site?

Water can be bought at the canteens in the event area, no other water intake will be provided. However, in the event of extreme heat, mist cooling systems will be set up at several locations, to refresh visitors.


Will there be hand sanitizers accessible?

At the canteens and toilets, hand sanitation will be possible.


May I bring an umbrella or sun tent with me?

For flight safety reasons, neither umbrellas, nor parasols/beach umbrellas, nor sun tents will be allowed into the event venue.


May I bring a chair with me?

It is forbidden to bring large chairs (fishing chairs, camping chairs, etc.), however, it is allowed to bring small, three-legged stools. Seats can also be taken at the spectators’ stands at the event venue and beer garden benches at the canteens.


Will there be a lockboxes at the venue?

Unfortunately, no facilities for storing valuables will be provided at the Air Show.


Will there be children's programs?

In addition to the spectacular displays, there will be several programs available to entertain our young visitors:

Lego Smart City Cyber Defence Simulation (14 - 22 years): Its primary goal is to draw attention to the conscious use of the Internet and smart devices, the vulnerability of critical infrastructure elements, and the importance of protection and defence. Furthermore, recruitment of young people into the military, especially the cyber units, is not a hidden agenda.

Honvéd Kadét Program performance (for persons of 15 - 18 years of age)

Air-Show seal collection program (10 - 14 years)

Obstacle course (for persons over 15) for valuable prizes

Matrix Track (Orienteering Run, over 13)

Laser Run (over 15) for a valuable prize!

Survey of physical fitness (over 15)


I am going to the event with a small child. Can we bring a small, balance bike for faster movement?

It is forbidden to bring bicycles, scooters, Segway scooters, or similar equipment to the event area. A small foot-operated plastic bike is allowed for young children, but parents with young children should remember that it may not allow them to move fast in the crowd while there may be a better chance of losing their child(ren).

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