COVID-19 Information

Although the third wave of the coronavirus has been overcome, the epidemic has not been over yet.

During the International Air Show and Military Display, the current epidemiological rules in force will apply at the Event. In accordance with them, the Event can only be attended by those who can prove their vaccination.

Most of the programs of the event take place outdoors, therefore it is not obligatory to wear a facemask in these places, however, the use of the mask is still necessary at events taking place in enclosed spaces, including tents.

In addition, it is extremely important to continue the observance of hygiene regulations at social contacts during the event.

The coronavirus, similarly to flu, spreads by droplet infection. It means viruses are released into the air through coughing, sneezing, and exhaling. The risk of contracting the disease from asymptomatic patients is relatively low, however, it cannot be ruled out completely.

Therefore, in enclosed spaces or where social distancing of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, it is recommended to wear a facemask in the CORRECT way. Make sure that the mask completely covers both the nose and the mouth, fitting the face as best as possible. Having applied your mask, do not touch it or your face unnecessarily.

If you have a coughing or sneezing stimulus, cover your nose and mouth with a (paper) handkerchief. Then, don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly. It is of paramount importance to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently! If possible, clean your hands with soapy water or a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Adequate precautions are essential for prevention, and strengthening your immune system can also help curb the epidemic. Outdoor events with over 500 people can only be attended by people protected against coronavirus, and by minors under their supervision.

Pursuant to Government Decree 266/2021, the presentation of a protection certificate with an application certifying vaccination in accordance with government decree 60/2021 on the certification of protection against coronaviruses is equivalent to the presentation of a Coronavirus immunity card.

The protection control may involve the check of a valid photo ID to determine identity. The data of Visitors in the ID card or application will not be recorded in any way.

Under the relevant legislation, the staff member of the event is obliged to check the existence of the immunity card upon entry, and regardless of the possession of a valid ticket entry must be refused if the person fails to present a security certificate or other document certifying protection.

Please note at the time of ticket purchase that the rules for attending events may change between the time of ticket purchase and the date of the event in dependence on government measures.

By following the few simple rules above, contracting the infection can be significantly reduced. Let us take care of each other!

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