National Defence and Armed Program

Currus Aries 01

Soldiers often do not travel inside armoured vehicles or on lorries, but, if the mission and safety situation allow, in comfortable conditions, by bus. This passenger transport capability has been known to the armies since the First World War, and the Hungarian vehicle industry has long been able to cover this area by delivering various Ikarus buses. However, the well-known and popular Hungarian buses had been obsolete by the early 2010s, so a decision was made on the development of a new, already multi-purpose type.

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Hungarian arms factory of international standard

HM Arzenál Elektromechanikai Zrt is located on the outskirts of Kiskunfélegyháza. In the only arms factory of Hungary pistols, submachine guns, and assault rifles are being assembled that have already entered service in the Hungarian Defence Forces and are part of the personal equipment of the soldiers. And there are plenty of opportunities ahead of the internationally recognized plant…

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