Advice for parents

The International Air Show and Military Display will be one of the most exciting, spectacular – and loudest – events of the summer of 2021, where hopefully all participants, and especially children, will be able to gain lifelong experiences.

Of course, there will be no limits to unfettered fun, but for a safe entertainment, a few good tips are provided below that are worth taking when visiting the event with children.

Admission to the event is subject to a valid Coronavirus immunity card or a doctor's vaccination certificate, which must be presented at the entry. The parent is responsible for the state of health of children under the age of 18.


At the same time, it should be remembered that children under the age of 18 can only enter the event venue with an adult companion capable of acting. Children under the age of 10 can attend the event free of charge, however, the 0-forint children ticket must be purchased for them in advance, at the site and for entering the base their valid ID card should not be forgotten at home.

Due to the nature of the event, a large noise exposure is to be expected, therefore earplugs or a properly sized hearing protection earmuff should be used to protect children.

Although Visitors can use the free shuttle bus service provided by the Organisers between the designated car parks and the event venue, long distances can be expected at the air base. In case the children would be unable to cover the long distances on foot, small, balance bikes and tricycles are allowed for young children. At the same time, it should be remembered that in a large crowd, it is easier to lose a child on a small bike or trike zigzagging among the legs, therefore special attention of parents is requested.

However, the use of bicycles, (electric) scooters, Segway scooters (or other similar devices) used by older children and adults is not allowed at the base. Into the area of the event, it is forbidden to bring sun tents and chairs except for small, three-legged stools, and to help relax tired legs, blankets on which Visitors may relax in the grass. In addition, footwear with comfortable soles and adequate ventilation is recommended at the event. Due to the alternation of grassy and concrete surfaces, it is recommended to avoid shoes with thin straps and soft soles, and shoes that hold the foot firmly and stably should be preferred.

It must be remembered that Visitors are not allowed to enter areas that are cordoned off, restricted, or closed to Visitors. It is also forbidden to go behind the cordons enclosing the exhibited devices and objects due to the risk of accidents, and in these places special attention should be paid to children.

Reasonable quantities of food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased off the base may be brought to the Event necessary to meet personal needs. However, it should be noted that cooling bags larger than 25 litres are not allowed in the Air Base area. For children, light, non-perishable snacks are recommended, something they like and are happy to consume.

A ticket for the event provides the opportunity to enter once on the day of its validity. In line with this, Visitors are kindly requested to put together the equipment for themselves and their children, so that a toy left in the remote parking lot cannot spoil the enjoyment of the programs with.


It is requested to use the ID sticker provided upon entry by the staff for children under 10 years of age on children's clothing. The sticker must be worn by the children in a visible place and the names of the children and the telephone contact details of the accompanying person must be indicated on it. It is recommended that a piece of paper with the parent's name and phone number should be put in every child's pocket or backpack. All this is necessary for the case if a parent and child accidentally lose each other in the crowd. However, should that happen, there will be no reason to panic.

There will be staff members and soldiers at a number of points in the event area. Before arriving at the event, children should be explained that if they cannot find their family members, they should go to a person in a military uniform, show them the sticker on their clothes, or if it is lost, their contact card, note, or bracelet, and not to worry about anything as they will be reunited with their family soon.

It is recommended that both adults and children have sunscreen of an SPF appropriate to their skin type, the use of a sunshade on the strollers is encouraged too, and older children should wear a sun protection hat or cap. The accessory of the hat must be UV-filter sunglasses, which, in addition to protecting their eyes, will also make programs against the sun more enjoyable.

In addition to protecting skin and eyes, proper hydration should also be remembered, therefore water intake should be paid special attention to. Influenced by the multitude of experiences and stimuli, children are especially prone to forget about drinking.

The weather can make fun of us at any time, even in August, so raincoat and stroller cover are recommended. It is not allowed to bring an umbrella or parasol to the event.

Whether it will be bright sunshine or summer showers, it is definitely worth taking into consideration mosquitoes and ticks, so it is advised that insect repellent spray be a standard accessory for Visitors’ backpack.

Nevertheless, even with careful preparation, accidents can happen at any time. Of course, there will be a first aid point at the event venue, but a few pieces of sticking plaster and some allergy medicine are recommended in the travel bag, which should be practical in terms of packing and easy to carry. It is advised to have a change of clothes, weather-appropriate, layered clothing, and a few toys for younger children.

If the Organisers order the evacuation of the event venue, everybody should keep calm, leave the dangerous area and pay special attention to their children so as not to lose them in the crowd.

We wish you all to have a great time, gain experiences, make new friends and acquaintances, as this will be the event that you will even tell your grandchildren about.

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